Situated Action

Workshop participants attending the workshop will also be invited to take part in our Situated Action, a participatory speculative urban walk exploring more-than-human perspectives for smart cities. The walk will be a curated selection of 2-4 outcomes from our PDC workshop interrogating how more-than-human approaches and their resultant ethical, legal, and methodological concerns can shape participatory design practices towards cohabitation. We will focus on experimenting with situated participatory processes to affect change in sustainable smart cities, urban informatics and IoTs, drawing from the specificity of urban infrastructures in Hasselt. The walk may also include a selection of provisional artefacts, such as prototypes, resources or manifestos, from the workshop to scaffold participation with conference delegates and city residents. Traces of the walk, in the form of a map, will be available as part of a longer-duration exhibition at the Hasselt Beguinage.

What is a Situated Action?

In collaboration with art centre Z33 and the city of Hasselt, PDC organisers have repurposed the former interactive exhibition format to embrace public space in the city of Hasselt. Projects will be presented on the first evening of the conference in lightening 5-minute introductions to all conference attendees, who will later be able to register for two different 30-minute situated action sessions during the following days of the conference.

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