Workshop Program

The workshop is organised as a one full day workshop on 21st August 2018. It will consist of discussions around more-than-human encounters, demos, a group exercise and discussions, and will be held in a FabLab facility for approx. 25 people. The estimated number of workshop participants is 15-20.

The preliminary workshop schedule is as follows:

09:00 – Introductions

09:15 – Encounters (ca. 2 minutes each): participants will present an artefact relating to an urban encounter or experience of cohabitation with other-than-human. Followed by discussion.

10:30 – Coffee

11:00 – Interrogate and discuss existing examples of prototypes, visions, and projects through photos, videos, reports, newspaper articles [4], and artefacts, to begin to elicit opportunities and challenges and serve as inspiration for the afternoon session.

12:30 – Lunch

13:30 – Group work: Prototypes, theories, methods: an exercise done in groups of 4-5 people, working on prototyping futures for multispecies entanglements in smart cities including technologies, services, methodologies, legal, and ethical frameworks, and theoretical lenses. The organisers will provide materials for low-fi prototyping in the FabLab workshop including for laser cutting, electronics, and 3D printing. These prototypes will serve as the basis for a Situated Action also accepted by the PDC committee.

15:00 – Coffee

15:30 – Presenting back to the rest of the group

16:30 – Group reflections and next steps

17:00 – Finish and workshop dinner