Workshop Proceedings

Heitlinger, S., Foth, M., Clarke, R., DiSalvo, C., Light, A., & Forlano, L. (Eds). (2018, Aug 21). Workshop Proceedings: Avoiding Ecocidal Smart Cities – Participatory Design for More-than-Human Futures. Participatory Design Conference (PDC), Hasselt & Genk, Belgium. (eprints >)

Accepted Workshop Position Papers

Following the workshop call for papers, received submissions were peer reviewed by the proceedings editors. Accepted papers were revised and finalised by 20 June 2018.

Authors Affiliation Paper Title
Yoko Akama RMIT, Melbourne, AU Spirited away: Calling forth plural worlds in design research
Michaela Büsse European Centre for Art, Design and Media based Research, Basel, CH Towards xeno-design cultures
Juan Carlos Carvajal Bermúdez Austrian Institute of Technology, Vienna, AT The impact of technology in citizen engagement: An ongoing case study focused on parklets in Vienna
Sandy Claes & Marc Godon VRT Innovation, Brussels, BE Challenges and opportunities for public broadcasters to facilitate citizens to engage with public data and encourage civic participation in the smart city
Jill Didur Concordia University, Montreal, CA Beyond anti-conquest: Unearthing the botanical archive with locative media
Sisse Finken, Laura Beloff, & Sanna Marttila IT University of Copenhagen, DK Notes on smart bee-ing and un/natured technologies
Adrian Franklin University of South Australia, Adelaide, AU More-than-human design for the more-than-human city
Annika Hupfeld Eindhoven University of Technology, NL Designing for multi-species participation at the domestic boundary
Owain Jones Bath Spa University, UK Digitally enabled, co-created multi-species ethnographies for (e)co-flourishing future cities?
Kaylene Kau Animal Diplomacy Bureau, London, UK Play as diplomacy: Introducing an animal inclusive city through play
Clara Mancini The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK Animal-Computer Interaction: Animals as co-designers of multispecies technologically supported ecosystems
Sophie McDonald, Dan Stowell, & Nick Bryan-Kinns Queen Mary University of London, UK A networked communal plant watering system
Shane McLoughlin LERO, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, IR Urban data solutions for a thriving smart city
Nuno Nunes & Valentina Nisi Madeira-ITI, University of Madeira, Funchal, PT Cities are the new Galapagos: Using IoT and ubiquitous computing to sense urban flows and raise ecological awareness
Paolo Patelli Design Academy Eindhoven, NL What does a more-than-human Leviathan look like?
Catia Prandi Madeira-ITI, University of Madeira, Funchal, PT On the investigation of a two-level citizen participation framework for sustainable development: From data collection to services creation
Søren Rosenbak Umeå Institute of Design, SE Designing for a city of lies
Chris Speed & Kate Symons University of Edinburgh, UK Apocalyptic design in the capitalocene: Every-day geopolitics and blockchain

Authors of selected workshop position papers will be invited to contribute a revised, full chapter for peer review towards an edited book on the workshop theme of more-than-human cities.